Squirrel Season In Progress

It’s squirrel nesting season (yes, in autumn!). If a baby squirrel is found on the ground, it should be observed from afar (as long as the baby is not in direct danger) to make sure that the mother picks it up. If, after three hours, there are no signs of a mother coming, the baby can be picked up and put into a dark, quiet box with a small towel or blanket for warmth.

In Calaveras, Amador, and eastern San Joaquin counties, you can then contact Tri County Wildlife Care at 209-283-3245 for assistance. But don’t be a squirrel-napper! Mama squirrels WILL come back for their babies if they’re physically able to do so.

Needless to say, this is not the time to be doing major tree trimming projects. Put that saw down from February-April and August-October/November, please. ❤️🐾