ADOPTED Maine Coon mix Mattie is about two years old. She was sadly given her name when she arrived in our care with her fur matted from nose to tail. Mattie was incredibly patient and gentle as our staff worked to untangle her coat (we had to resort to doing some shaving, but were able […]

Kittens Kittens Kittens

Yes, we have kittens! They’re in and out of our adoption center so quickly that there’s typically not enough time for us to take photos, write bios, and post them here. Feel free to call us during our open hours to inquire what colors/sexes of kittens we have available that day, or when more might […]

Gracie and Nala

GRACIE (grey) HAS BEEN ADOPTED. Nala (buff tabby) is a cuddly longhair kitten, She’s  eight weeks old and sweet as sugar. Nala has an adorably crooked half-tail (a genetic quirk).