Max, a goofball of a Boxer (aren’t they all?), is outgoing, sweet, silly, and fully housetrained. He loves walks, play time, and cuddles once he’s gotten his wiggles out. Boxers are known for their years-long puppyhoods, and Max has just hit the sweet spot where he’s beginning to mellow. He’d do best in a home […]


Every once in a while a dog comes along that all our staff and volunteers fall head over heels in love with. Baby is definitely one of them! She’s an absolute sweetheart, and loves everyone she meets. This extra-sturdy brindle and white gal has had a rough past and is looking for a loving, consistent […]


Nine-week-old Freckles is an absolute sweetheart. She was owned by an elderly couple who found having a young puppy to be too much for them (and we don’t blame them one bit, puppy-raising is hard work!). Freckles is friendly, happy, and playful, and will be an excellent addition to many kinds of homes. Meet her […]

Cattle Dog Mix Puppies

Derp alert! If you like your pups a bit goofy and very, very sweet, it’s your lucky week. We have eight (yes, 8!) of these cattle dog/somethin’-somethin’ mix lovelies available beginning Wednesday, June 16. The deets: Almost eleven weeks old. Five girls and three boys. Gonna be big when they’re grown. (How big? Our best […]

Sam (Samantha)

Sweet Sam (formally Samantha, but she’s not really a formal kind of girl) is an absolute delight. She enjoys chasing and retrieving balls, snuggles, food, and every human she meets. Sam also enjoys the company of other dogs. She’s an all-around A+ doggo. Sam is extremely underweight, though we’ve already managed to put a few […]