Teeny-tiny Dex (just 5.5 pounds!) is a Chihuahua through and through. For the ardent Chi lover, he’s a dream. Dex is simultaneously nervous and completely full of himself (quite a feat!). He adores being carried around, he thinks he weighs 100 pounds when he meets other dogs, and he attaches himself to one person and […]


Honey, 18 months, is much smaller than she appears to be in photos. She’s just 25 pounds, and our best guess is that she might be an Aussie/spaniel/somethin’-somethin’ (but only DNA can tell the tale!). Honey has an absolutely lovely coat, soft and plush and silky. She’s simply gorgeous and could not be more adorable […]


“Picture it: Sicily, 1922…”   Introducing Sophia! This gorgeous golden girl is an American Bulldog who’s seeking a wonderful home (NOT Shady Pines, thank you!) where she can have a person or family of her very own.   Sophia is nine years old, spayed, and appears to be housetrained. She loves to play, gets along […]

Mrs. Potts

Coming soon to a theater near you: PUGZILLA, in 3-D! Meet Mrs. Potts. She’s just as sweet and kind as her name would suggest. If we had to guess, we’d say she’s the super-jumbo extra-chonkin variety of pug (mix). Sixty pounds of ridiculous sunshine and cuddles, complete with curly pug tail and gorgeous markings. Mrs. […]

George (Hound Mix Puppy)

JERRY has been adopted. GEORGE is available, no appointment needed! Jerry and George are ten-week-old hound mix fellas ready to start their lifelong adventures with you! Mom was a purebred Black & Tan Coonhound. We don’t know what else might be in the DNA woodpile, but whatever it might be is ridiculously cute. These boys […]


ADOPTED Michael is what we call a “Calaveras shepherd.” Some cattle dog/heeler, some German Shepherd, maybe a smidge of border collie. He’s an absolutely delightful young dog, and already knows SIT, SHAKE, and LIE DOWN. He’s keeping his suite perfectly clean so might already be housetrained. Michael has gotten along beautifully with all but one […]


ADOPTED 12/23 *** A last-minute Christmas surprise! Fourteen-month-old Butch is (obviously) a basset hound. He’s a complete sweetiepie, and grew up with other dogs, cats, and kiddos. Butch has an appointment to be neutered on January 5, and we will require a refundable deposit in addition to his adoption fee (you will get it back […]


ADOPTED 12/23 *** Bella is a sweetheart. What breed is she? Why, she’s a purebred scruffy muffin. It’s a thing, we swear. Bella is the mama to three of the darling pups we placed yesterday. She missed the big adoption event because she was at her spay appointment. We’re hoping she’ll get a home for […]

Walkin’ In A Puppy Wonderland

All puppies adopted! Thank you to everyone who came out for this very special adoption event. *** We’re delighted to present a very special event Thursday 12/22: Walkin’ In A Puppy Wonderland. Beginning when we open at 11:00, we’ll be offering six absolutely adorable puppies for adoption (from two different litters). The first group of […]