Jewel and Timmy

Meet JEWEL and TIMMY!  Jewel is a beautiful short-haired tortie.  Timmy is a darling short-haired black tabby kitten.  They are at the shelter because they were abandoned at an apartment when their owner left. Timmy was a teeny-tiny kitten who weighed less than a pound when he arrived.  Although Jewel is not his momma, she […]


Meet TUCKER, a handsome, absolutely delightful short-haired gray tabby and white junior who is about 8 months old. He was brought to the shelter because he was a stray. Tucker has an A+ personality. He is outgoing, very affectionate and can be very playful. When you pet him, he is so appreciative and immediately revs […]

Jenny, Jayce, Jackson and Jillian

Meet JENNY, JAYCE, JACKSON and JILLIAN, four incredibly beautiful and delightful kittens who were born at the shelter. A few days after their birth, the kittens and their sweet momma, JERICA, left the shelter and were raised in a wonderful foster home. The family has now returned and all are ready to be adopted, including […]


Meet PIPER, a gorgeous ticked torbie, who is about 4 years old. Piper is super sweet and very affectionate. She has a lovely purr and revs up her purr motor as soon as she sees someone she hopes will give her some attention. Piper does not particularly care to be cuddled in your arms for […]


Meet MIDNIGHT, a beautiful, short-haired young adult who is about 2 years old. She is at the shelter after being rescued from a home with unhealthy living conditions.  Midnight has an outgoing personality and is very affectionate, sweet, gentle and, at times, can be talkative.  She is still playful and loves chasing a toy on […]


Meet SANDY, a beautiful brown and white tabby and white adult who is about 2 years old.  Sandy was brought to the shelter after she and her four tiny babies were abandoned at a local campground.  Sandy was a very good mom, but her sweet kittens are now old enough to be adopted so she […]

Casey, Collin, Cora and Chad

These four incredibly beautiful and delightful kittens were born and raised in a wonderful foster home after their very pregnant momma came to the shelter as a stray. They are all sweet and friendly although they can be a bit shy at first when meeting new people.  They are at the age when they are […]

Junior Jamboree

It’s a JUNIOR JAMBOREE at Animal Services.  Meet just a few of our fabulous juniors––kitties who are now about 5-7 months old.  There are juniors in all colors––Siamese-mixes, orange tabbies, brown tabbies and solid blacks––and are extraordinary friendly, affectionate and gentle.  These young ones are at an age when they are very active; they play […]


Meet MAISIE, an adorable, delightful short-haired spayed tortie who is about two years old.  Maisie is very sweet and friendly.  She thoroughly enjoys human companionship and being petted but does not care for too much attention at once. She has a calm, quiet, self-contained personality andmuch of the time seems content to just watch what […]


Meet SAMISHI, a delightful short-haired male older kitten.  He was a very sad, very young kitten when he arrived at the shelter and given the name Samishi, which means lonely and solitary in Japanese.  Samishi is now super healthy and ready to be adopted.  He has an exuberant personality, is very active and loves to […]