Teamwork Saves The Day

A touching story of collaboration and teamwork to kick off the new year…

In late December, our friends at Calaveras County Animal Services took in a three-year-old stray shepherd/hound mix from Mountain Ranch who’d been hit by a car. The medium-sized male dog had a shattered leg and double pelvic fractures and must have been in terrible pain.

“He just kept giving me kisses,” says CCAS Officer Melissa McBride. “He was so sweet and gentle in spite of everything.”

Animal Services immediately made arrangements for the dog, now named Nick, to receive veterinary care. His shattered leg was amputated, and now Nick needed a place to convalesce. They reached out to us here at the Calaveras Humane Society to see if we could provide a foster home.

One of our very best foster volunteers didn’t hesitate for a moment when we asked if she’d be willing to take in Nick. He will require regular bandage changes, trips to the vet for rechecks, and six to eight weeks of rest and restricted movement to heal his pelvic fractures.

Nick is now recovering comfortably in his foster home and receiving tons of love. ❤🐾

Update: Nick recovered well. His foster family has adopted him and he now spends his time nurturing foster kittens that are placed in the home.