The US Loves Pets

According to the American Pet Products Association

Some national news about the U.S. and our overwhelming love for our pets:

The US loves pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, pet-related sales (food, veterinary care, supplies, etc.) in 2018 topped $72 billion.

That’s a 3% increase since 2017. The majority of those dollars are going to food. People spent more than $30 billion, and higher-priced premium dog food was among the most popular food purchased.

The second highest source of spending is vet care, at more than $18 billion. That’s followed by supplies and over-the-counter medication.

So why are pet owners dishing out more money? According to the American Pet Products Association, people treat their pets like family and are putting an increased focus on feeding them natural and organic foods.

In response to that demand, late last year, Petco announced it would stop selling dog and cat food and treats with artificial colors and preservatives.

The American Pet Products Association estimates sales within the U.S. market will rise to more than $75 billion this year.