Warning – Deadly Algae In Local Waters

Blooms of blue green algae, which can produce toxins fatal to animals, have been connected to multiple dog deaths in various parts of the US in the last week. Close to home, the presence of blue green algae has now been confirmed in Hogan Lake, the Mokelumne River, the Stanislaus River (at the fork), several lakes in Alpine County, the Sacramento River, and more.

The algae, which can sometimes look like paint chips or more traditional “pond scum,” can also be present in the water and not visible to the eye.

Our best advice right now is to avoid water play with your pups in lakes, rivers, and ponds until the weather cools a bit and the algae isn’t proliferating.

Dogs who ingest water contaminated with this toxin can experience symptoms as severe as respiratory paralysis and death. There are no antidotes.

Stay safe, everyone!