Bella - Recently adopted

Bella is a beautiful and soft adult female cat. She is super sweet and affectionate. She is a 10 year old cat, but she is filled out nicely and is as healthy as can be. She came into foster care because she is a cat that does not like change. Every time a new family member of the furry or human variety came into her home, she acted out her displeasure behaviorally.  This is a cat who loves people. And that’s it. She is a cat who would do best in a no pets/no kids zone.  Change is not her game.
Surely there is someone who would just like ONE sweet, lovely cat to cuddle and take care of. Bella is very tidy in her bathroom habits. She is low maintenance in every way and would be wonderful for that special person she could call her own.

Cat Facts

Female domestic cat
Coat and color
short hair black and white

To ask about Bella

Bella is currently sheltered by a Calaveras Humane Society volunteer foster home

Please contact
Becky at; 209-786-7340 (home); (925) 550-2915 (cell).



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