Walkin’ In A Puppy Wonderland


Christmas Puppies

All puppies adopted! Thank you to everyone who came out for this very special adoption event.

We’re delighted to present a very special event Thursday 12/22: Walkin’ In A Puppy Wonderland.

Beginning when we open at 11:00, we’ll be offering six absolutely adorable puppies for adoption (from two different litters).

The first group of puppies is Piper, Percy, and Paisley. They were a “breeder release,” and we don’t have terribly detailed information on them. What we do know is that they appear to be mixes of a variety of potential small breeds. We see some Shih Tzu, and possibly some Japanese Chin and/or Chihuahua, but only a DNA test (which we would LOVE to see results from!) can really nail down the specifics.

The pups from this group are about 5 months old (Paisley may be more like 9-10 months). They are not underweight, but were otherwise in pretty deplorable condition when we received them, with matted fur that required some strategic shaving on our part and severely overgrown nails. They have all received much-needed baths. This group is timid, and have clearly not received good socialization. Their adopters will need to be patient and gentle with them and help them to acclimate to life as family dogs. We predict an adult weight of 10-12 pounds for these puppies.

Our second group (Trixie, Tahoe, and Tori) is a wonderful mishmash brought to us by a firefighter from the Stockton Fire Department. One of the fire stations assisted the mom dog and her puppies, and this firefighter has fostered them in his home until they were old enough for adoption. What kind of mixes are they? No idea! One looks like a poodly-somethin’, one like a terrier-somethin’, and the third is just plain cute. (Their young adult mom, who is a clone of Trixie, is also available, but is being spayed Thursday and can’t be met until Friday.) They appear to be about 10-12 weeks old. This batch o’ pups is more outgoing than the others, and were well cared for. We’d guesstimate they’ll be about 12-16 pounds when fully grown.

Potential adopters should keep in mind that a number of these pups, from both groups, have the kind of fur that will grow continuously, and will require professional grooming every 5-8 weeks or thereabouts.

We do placements on a first come basis. Our puppy adoption fee is $145, plus a refundable spay/neuter deposit that we return to you when you bring your pup back at a future date to be fixed.

We do not place puppies together, so you may only adopt one. No holds are available in advance. Adoptions must be done in person at our Angels Camp center.

And don’t forget: We have four delightful kittens looking for homes for the holidays as well!

All these pups and kittens are eligible to be held until Christmas Eve (for pickup between 11:00-1:00) or for our special Christmas Eve home delivery program (we’ll bring your adopted pet to you the afternoon of Saturday 12/24 if you live in Calaveras, Bear Valley, Sonora, or Jamestown) for an additional fee. Please inquire when adopting.

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