Two Ways To Donate

You Can Donate Through The Mail

Print our donation form

donation form for printing

Mail the completed form along with your check to

Calaveras Humane Society
P.O. Box 528
Altaville, CA 95221-0528

Calaveras Humane Society

We are a local, non-profit organization. We run on private donations. We do not receive any government funding. We are not affiliated with any national organization or national society. We are right here in Calaveras County.

CHS is a 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID # 94-2581703). All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Your Contribution Helps

  • $1,000 + (Can provide 2 months of food and supplies for 40 foster animals)
  • $500-$999 (Can pay the avg. medical expenses for 15 to 30 animals)
  • $250-$499 (Can pay the spay/neuter costs for 3-5 animals)
  • $200 (Can provide the full adoption cost for one animal)
  • $100 (Can help pay medical costs for 3 animals)
  • $25 (Can provide 2 months of food for one foster cat)

Thank you for considering a donation to the Calaveras Humane Society.

Or Donate Using Paypal

Step 1: Send Us An Email With Information About Your Donation


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Step 2: Use PayPal To Send Us Your Donation

Put the amount of your donation in the box below using this format: XXX.XX

Click the “Donate” button to submit. You will be redirected to our PayPal Donation page where you will be able to fulfill your donation via debit or credit card.

Your email address will be added to our list. CHS will not share your email address or personal information with other groups. Email list recipients may opt out at any time.

Your donation will help save animals like Daisey. Starting life as a feral cat, she was tamed by a CHS volunteer, adopted through our program, and now enjoys life in a loving forever home with her new best friend, Chessie.

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