JJ - Ready for adoption

JJ is a short haired male neutered brown tabby and is about four years old.  His owners were evicted from their home and left him behind.

He has proven to be very good around other cats (he is around MANY foster cats) and has just carved out his little niche where he keeps to himself. He is funny because he runs up to say hello you you then runs over to a bowl and starts eating.  Sometimes he gets a little overstimulated while being petted and he play-nips a little, so he might not be best for a home with small children.  JJ misses his feline friends from his previous home, and he may feel abandoned and not quite at home here. He is a nice and healthy boy and his foster mom has enjoyed having him.

Cat Facts

Male domestic cat
Coat and color
short hair brown tabby

To ask about JJ

JJ is currently sheltered by a Calaveras Humane Society volunteer foster home

Please contact
Becky at calgal@caltel.com; 209-786-7340 (home); (925) 550-2915 (cell).



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