CHS Facebook Costume Contest – Winners

Congratulations to Fancy the rat in her dragon outfit — YOUR votes made her the winner! Fancy and her person will be the recipients of the gift basket from Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company and our friends at Murphys Dog Store.
Fancy’s owner says, “Thank you very much!”
We were in ratty-rat heaven when the first place winner of our online Halloween costume contest stopped by to collect her gift basket. Ultra-cuddly Timber stood in to accept the loot on behalf of the winning photo’s subject, late rat Fancy. ♥️

Fancy the rat in costume

Timber the rat accepting Costume Contest Prize on behalf of Fancy the rat

Our first runner-up, CCI assistance dog Caemon, will ALSO receive a gift basket! The votes were so close that we just had to give Caemon a prize too. Because seriously, how can you resist a dog who dresses up as his veterinarian? 🎃

Caemon the dog on a previous Halloween

Caemon the dog - costume contest winner

The first runner-up in our online Halloween costume contest came by today to pick up his prize, and oh my DOG was he ever adorable. CCI-trained service dog Caemon donned his alligator outfit for the occasion, and charmed everyone with his good looks and impeccable manners.

Caemon and his mom decided to “paw it forward,” and have asked us to present their gift basket (provided by Evangers Dog & Cat Food and our friends at Murphys Dog Store to the very next dog adopted here. ♥️🐾

Costume contest runner-up Caemonthe dog in alligator costume