Power Outage Pet Safety Tips

While these power outages are becoming more routine for many of us, some folks are experiencing their first extended blackout this time around. For all of us, here are a few reminders to help keep our four-legged family members safe during these PSPSs (public safety power shut offs):

  • If you’re using a generator, you’ll likely be making use of extension cords. Take measures to prevent your pets (especially young dogs/puppies) from chewing on these novel new items in their environment. Supervise them closely, and consider applying anti-chewing sprays (Bitter Apple, etc.) as a deterrent.
  • Make sure pets are secured well away from the generator’s exhaust. Don’t keep your pet in the garage if your generator is running there.
  • Take care to store gasoline containers where pets can’t access them.
  • Lighting candles? Ensure they are out of reach of curious cats and kittens, who will climb onto shelves, tables, etc. to investigate the flames.
  • If you utilize any kind of electronic or “invisible” fencing to keep your pets in the yard, it will be down during the power outage! Find another means to safely secure your animals, or bring them inside.
  • Wild animals may come closer to homes than they normally would, due to the lack of light and noise. Keep a close eye on your pets while they’re outside to prevent unwanted encounters.

Your pets can be great company during the blackout, and will enjoy the extra “down time” with you. Take time to appreciate the quiet and the closeness you can have with them. Nothing beats reading a book by lantern light with a four-legged friend sharing your seat. Stay safe, everyone! ♥️🐾