McCallum Cowdog Puppies

McCallum Cowdog Puppies

Charlotte, Annabelle, and Waylon were born May 5. They are, according to the person who bred and surrendered them, a very particular variety of herding dogs known as a McCallum Cowdog. Check ’em out on Google — they’re a thing, and a pretty cool thing at that.

We’re told that they can become first-rate herding dogs, if that’s something that interests you. We do recommend that they be adopted by folks with some acreage, or a working ranch, or an interest in providing massive enrichment for a dog that would likely be bored with a suburban lifestyle.

We have two females (Annabelle and Charlotte) and one male (Waylon). Annabelle has the softest personality, while Waylon is quite gregarious. Charlotte is nicely in the middle.

Pet Facts

Males and females
Border Collie




Short hair


Black and white

Special Considerations?

Cannot be adopted together, Will do best with acreage or a very large yard, and plenty of exercise


The Calaveras Humane Society Shelter – 1209 Highway 49 – Angels Camp, CA