Small Breed Puppies Available


Small Breed Puppies

It’s adoption time for the Laundry Basket puppies!

(To recap, this is a litter who came into our care unexpectedly a few weeks ago and have been in a foster home with their mom growing old enough for placement. They are now eight weeks and ready to go!)

Mama dog Mimi (she’s available too!) is, we believe, a chihuahua/dachshund mix (commonly known as a “chiweenie”). She is long and low, though the pups are leggier and more chi-like. What was dad? We haven’t a clue, but suspect he was a toy breed as well. The LB Pups are all srsly smol.

We will be making adoption appointments for these 8 wee ones, to avoid overcrowding at our center at opening on Friday. Please read the following information carefully if you’re interested in adding one of these pups to your household:

  • Leave us a voicemail beginning at 8 a.m. on Thursday, August 31: 209-736-9417. Our system records the exact time each call is received, and we will return calls in order later that morning. Please answer if we call you — we will move on to the next caller in line if we can’t reach you. No earlybird calls, please.
  • We will book adoption appointments for Friday, September 1 between 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. If we don’t receive calls from eight interested parties, any remaining puppies will be available for adoption Saturday without an appointment required.
  • There are 4 males and 4 females in this litter. The black puppy and 3 of the browns are boys; the white pup, grey/blue pup, and two browns are girls.
  • If you adopt, you will be given a date to bring your pup back to us for spay/neuter surgery. We welcome adopters from out of the area, but the spay/neuter appointment is mandatory.

Mimi, the mama dog, will also be available. She is incredibly sweet and, according to the foster, very low-key. “She prefers sitting in laps, not doing laps!” She also hasn’t barked once. (No guarantees that she’ll remain silent, of course.) Mimi is under two years old and would be happy in a variety of home environments. The foster says she’d make a terrific companion to a senior.

Pet Facts

Males and females
Mixed breed


Date of Birth: July 5, 2023


Short hair



Special Considerations?



The Calaveras Humane Society Shelter – 1209 Highway 49 – Angels Camp, CA