Peter Paul and Mary

What a difference ten days can make! Earlier this month, we shared with you the story of a litter of kittens orphaned in Arnold when the mama cat was killed by a coyote. They arrived at the Calaveras Humane Society severely dehydrated and hypothermic after not eating for 36 hours.

Here’s one of them (now named “Peter”) after just over a week of tender loving care in a volunteer foster home. Peter and his two siblings, Paul and Mary, are fattening up and thriving with skilled round-the-clock care.

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Below Left: Kittens Peter, Paul, and Mary in their volunteer foster home, a week after their arrival at the Calaveras Humane Society in May of this year.

Below Right: Peter, Paul, and Mary today — they were adopted together in July! ♥️

Peter, Paul, and Mary - kittens grown up