Spay/Neuter Voucher Program News


Can someone apply online for a spay/neuter voucher? Or does it have to be in person? Thank you!
Yes, you can apply online. Complete information here.

Want To Save Sixteen Dogs?
Spay Just One

One of our goals at the Calaveras Humane Society is to help low-income local residents obtain affordable spay/neuter surgery for their pets.

Our vouchers provide a discount honored by all vets in our county (we pay the veterinary offices for the difference). If you have a dog or cat that needs to be fixed, and cost is an issue, our Spay/Neuter Voucher Program can help.

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If we want to donate for a couple of surgeries, how much are the vouchers?
We pay $45 toward surgery for a female dog, $30 toward a male dog or female cat, and $20 toward a male cat. Thanks for asking!

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They Can Breed Very Fast

What would you do if you could have eighteen children a year?

American shelters can’t support the number of accidental litters that are born every year. Spay/neuter assistance vouchers available for low-income Calaveras County residents. Visit our Assistance Voucher Program for more information.

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Why Spay or Neuter?

We know we push really hard about the whole “stop pet overpopulation” thing — but let’s not forget that there are plenty of benefits for your pet and for you when you spay or neuter! ♥️🐾

Need help with the vet bill? Your Calaveras Humane Society has a spay/neuter voucher program for low-income residents of Calaveras County.

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Have Her Spayed For Mother’s Day

Have her spayed. It’s the best gift you could give to your favorite female cat!

Spay/neuter assistance vouchers available for low-income area residents from your Calaveras Humane Society.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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It’s Easier Than You Think

Unspayed, a female dog or cat can give birth to many offspring over the course of her life. Don’t let spring kitten and puppy season leave you overrun with unwanted mouths to feed. Spay one cat or dog. You’ll prolong the life of your pet, too.

Spay/neuter assistance vouchers are available now to low-income Calaveras County residents. Your Calaveras Humane Society will help qualified residents with the cost of surgery for your cats and dogs.

Let’s get ’em fixed, everyone!

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