Where Are You Getting All These Amazing Dogs?

A comment on one of our recent adoption posts (we just love sharing our adoptions with you!) caught our eye: “Where are you guys getting all these amazing dogs, anyway?”

We’re so glad you asked. The bulk of our dogs come to us directly from the public: local Calaveras residents who are unable, for a variety of reasons, to keep their pet(s).

We are also proud to be a receiving transfer partner for a number of area animal shelters. We regularly take dogs from Calaveras County Animal Services, City of Stockton Animal Shelter, and, most recently, Lodi Animal Services. These shelter partners reach out to us when they are at or near capacity and have dogs that they think we can place quickly. We do everything we can to be able to accept them whenever possible.

If you’re looking to adopt, we encourage you to visit these other shelters directly in addition to coming here. We don’t care where you adopt your shelter pet — just that you adopt one! ♥️