What Do You Get For One Low Adoption Fee?

So why should you adopt a kitten from us (or from another reputable shelter or rescue group) instead of taking a “free” one that you see someone offer on Facebook or Craiglist or a flyer at the post office?

Because of everything listed here. If you try to provide all the veterinary services that come with a Calaveras Humane Society kitten for your “free” one, you’ll easily be shelling out $200 or more — or maybe going without having them done.

Yes, we happily lose money on each and every kitten we place. Our adoption fee of $50, or two kittens for $75, doesn’t even come close to covering our costs. But we place them knowing that they’re already fixed and won’t add to the pet overpopulation problem, and that we’ve set up our adopters for the greatest chance of a lifetime of success with their new four-legged family member. ❤️🐾